Most Successful Realtor Below the Age of 25

Most Successful Realtor Below the Age of 25
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Creme de la creme

Being in the Real estate market can be quite a swim among the sharks when you start. Experience is almost always required, you work on commission and it can take a lot of time to develop the portfolio and show off your skills. But this wasn’t the case for this estate-selling star, Oren Alexander, as he managed to sell $1,000,000,000,000 worth of proprieties by the aged of 24.

Who is Alexander?the-sakhalin-times-successful-real-estate-agent

Having a family history of residential development as a guiding figure in his early forming years, Oren Alexander didn’t make his entrance in the high-top world of estate marketing due to his parents. He started slow, as an independent seller, but managed to score a big deal as his first penthouse sold for $8.175 million – at just 21 years old! – and everything just took a turn for the better.


Deciding that his target was the top notch of the population and their dream houses, he made a record of selling one of his father’s buildings at $49 million and thus, became one of the best-selling entrepreneurs of his time. Partnering up with his brother, they managed to grow a high-end team, the Alexander Group, and spread fame all over the world.

So where do the rich mostly buy their houses? It comes as no surprise as Los Angeles, New York, Aspen, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Tel Aviv and the Hamptons are his working grounds. Los Angeles has incredible hidden multi-million dollar listings. You can check out some of the most noteworthy luxury homes here.

His day is divided into small parts, trying to achieve a daily connection with clients, and he takes part personally in each selling and showing. Although you can find him at most parties, Oren says about himself that he is not as portrayed, and taking care of business always comes first. Working long hours is no problem, and having the same social scene as his clientele is a target as he gets a fair share of deal-talk at the events where they meet up.

Who Helped Raised Him Up?most-successful-realtor-under-25

Naming Douglas Elliman as his mentor, it comes easily to say that someone showed Oren the ways of success by widening his view of the world. A second father, as he calls him, this one person supported the growing person from today and still does, up close to his real father, that made it all possible by building the very first success building and giving his son the opportunity to thrive.

The partner in crime, his brother, makes a notable appearance in the prosperous story of “How I did it.” Both of them manage the team with care and respect for an evolving business. With a mutual admiration, hard work, and devoted work ethic, both Elliman and Alexander have been able to grow the real estate empire substantially.

The Golden Lion

How does being the very best at your job and in the early years of working? Looking at his interviews, we’d have to say the success has definitely put a mark on Oren Alexander, but it has not transformed him into the snobby child with eulogies about himself pouring at every mouth-opening. His feet are still well placed on the ground and, as he promotes the images of young marketers to the world, we find a little bit of blooming-next-to-come in the tone of voice.

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